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Do Not be Intimidated — Vote!

As President Trump instigates voter intimidation — by suggesting that law enforcement act inappropriately or that vigilantes storm the polls to ‘watch’, it is important to stay focused and call out the comments as illegal and meant solely to suppress voter turnout on election day.

Like many women before me, I will practice my right to vote! I will not sit back idly and allow these Trump loyalists to challenge this right. Don’t be intimidated! In a piece written by the Brennan Center for Justice, it clearly details the strict limits on what the military, law enforcement and private militias can do at the polls. The laws protect you, and as written, “a host of federal and state laws…prevent anyone — whether a law enforcement officer or a vigilante — from harassing or intimidating voters.”

I believe in our electoral system and in the strength of American democracy. So, as Trump supporters stepped up their promotion of the Trump presidency with caravans and outdoor rallies this past weekend, I was not fearful but rather perplexed at their unwavering support of this person who has said (and done) some of the most shocking things. How is this possible!?

For answers, I turned to an article in Psychology Today titled “The Psychology Behind Donald Trump’s Unwavering Support.” There are, it seems, many reasons for their wholehearted loyalty. For starters, they may be blissfully ignorant — seemingly uninformed or misinformed. For instance, if the president declares that the COVID virus is “less lethal” than the flu, they believe him. They also may fall into the category of being misinformed and not realizing they are misinformed.

Moreover, many Trump loyalists are more susceptible to fear mongering. Trump’s ability to incite terror by misconstruing liberal ideas as harmful to conservative values and identity has heightened his supporters’ response to fear. Trump weaponizes their cultural views — of religion, politics and nationality — thus encouraging them to protect anything and anyone who share their perspective and act more aggressively towards anything or anyone that does not.

So, what is the solution? Can we change the minds of Trump loyalists? The answer is ‘no’. But, we can motivate everyone else — who has not been enamored by Trump — to vote!!

Please, vote! Biden + Harris 2020.

Educator | Graduate of the Fletcher School at Tufts University | Aspiring Writer | Lover of History, Politics & Innovation